Friday, May 29, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog

Black dogs have a very hard time finding homes for a variety of reasons. It's sad but true.

There are many GREAT reason to adopt a black dog!

The Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Dog:

Number Ten - Black dogs are easy to find in the snow.

Number Nine - Owning a black dog makes YOU look thinner!

Number Eight - Black dogs never look dirty.

Number Seven - Black dogs always win at night-time hide and seek games.

Number Six - Black goes with everything so you and your dog will never clash.

Number Five - You can sing AC/DC "Back in Black" to your dog everyday.

Number Four - Black is a formal, elegant, and prestigious color!

Number Three - A black dog will bring you good luck.

Number Two - A black dog is every color of the spectrum and beautiful!

NUMBER ONE - Black dogs are just as loyal and loving as any other color of dog!

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My beautiful black dog, Brunswick, adopted from an Oklahoma "No Kill" shelter (except he was on the list to be euthanized as "unadoptable" 'cause he barked alot). His name is taken from the motto for the Canadian Province New Brunswick, which is SPEM REDUXIT which is Latin for "Hope Restored."

Isn't he a beauty?

I just adore him. He is such a great dog and a trusted, true and loyal friend.

Won't you consider giving a home to a beautiful black beauty?

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